Patahaus Style: Secret for Successful Design.

No matter how good, smart or quick we think we are, every design project (from a chair to a villa…from a pen to a shopping center) comes out from multiple layers of drawings and hard work.

After meeting the client (the project), our creative side of mind runs fast browsing our inner knowledge and experience. Looking for the “right” idea and direction. Trusting our instinct is crucial. It is the Energy that gives power to the project.

Pages and pages of sketches and drawings define the shape, the details and so the function.

There’s no trick here.

It’s a beautiful long and intense process.

This is the only reason why every successful project has the depth, made of layers of work, time, materials, techniques and passion.


How to create life change beautiful home?

Every Project is Important. Small or large, residential or commercial…we are talking about living. Listening (not hearing!) and understanding the client is essential. 

For example…our home represents who we are. 

Remodeling is like finding a cure for the soul. We’ll touch and discover someone’s else feelings…love, envy, jealousy, ambitions, weakness, joy.

All the rooms might be different, have different use, mood and function but are ALL connected to make the whole space inspiring, interactive and comfortable. Too easy to create a “beautiful” home…but doesn’t make sense if we don’t enjoy and live every corner of it. No matter how expensive is the furniture 😉. 

Living the space should be like an healthy therapy…a happy place to be…a lovely one.

That’s what we call a Beautiful Home.

What is the difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

Please don’t confuse an Interior Designer with an Interior Decorator. While decoration is definitely an important part of the process, it’s not essential.

A good Interior Designer is absolutely knowledgeable and expert in colors, materials, but he/she will never approach you talking about the color of the sofas, curtains or pillows. We want you happy in your space. I mean, truly satisfied.

We need to take care of your “total” living. First functionally, then aesthetically. Therefore beauty, quality and comfort can hug each other.

We gotta be serious to have fun 😊😉!!

Nourish your business space, beyond the business space!!

For many…the place where you work is the place where you spend most of the time. For example, if you have a retail store, a restaurant or a coffee shop, it is essential to create a familiar and comfortable space to get inspired and energized by it. That’s what people experience when come and visit you. They see and touch your passion, like you invited them at home. Showing your world and that’s good and real business. As Designer we need to nourish and create beautiful projects with real relationships.

How we create intelligent and healthy spaces

Creativity and Lifestyle. Esthetic and Functionality move hand by hand…as well intimacy and comfort. True Architecture and Design think, create and achieve intelligent and healthy spaces.


How to change our perception of everyday life?

Space influences human beings psychologically. There’s a clear and strong connection between architecture and psychology. As architects and designers “we can’t think about Architecture without thinking about People” says Richard Rogers (Hi-Tech Architect). Living in a beautiful and enjoyable space can literally change our perception of everyday life. Our space have a soul…we need to feel comfortable…harmony is more essential than richness.


American spends 93% of their life indoors!

Average American Spends 93% of Their Life Indoors Interior Decoration and Human Behavior. interior decoration is a combination of science and arts. Interior design helps enhancing the quality of life. Either at home, School. working space or public facility, it has a great impact on the attitudes of people living or working. We spend most of time indoor. According to the research ( average American spends 93% of their life indoors. 87% of their life is indoors, then another 6% of their life in automobiles. May we better to consider interior decoration more seriously?


Live in the Renaissance

Live in the Renaissance. From top to bottom, all you can see in this picture, “Luxury Wall and Ceiling” is hand painted by Italian Artist. We collaborated with an amazing artist, Antonio, flew all the way from Italy to complete the project.


Luxury Italian mosaic floor

Italian mosaic floor. Luxury awaits in a room surrounded in the World beauty and tradition. Mosaic and marble, mosaic and wood. mosaic and limestone, mosaic and…. combination is countless, and space atmosphere varies infinitely. Italian Mosaic made possible to give “Luxurious Dignity” in any style of space!!

“Illusion” in “Reality”

Trip to Italy without flying over. Palladian Style Villa in Hollywood Hills. We invited artist from Italy to create the hallway.  Once you get in this hallway, you never know where you are. You can literally touch, see and feel Italy there. Architect Interior Design creates “Illusion” in “Reality”. How powerful it is!?