Based in LA and Milan, Giuseppe and Daniele Patanè brothers are respectively Architect and Interior Designer. “In respect of our creative integration of architecture and interior design belief, it’s essential to listen to our clients, understand their dreams and their real needs…deliver a space that goes beyond their expectations. We love to create beautiful and useful interiors…two different aspects of the same coin.”

They have been developing and fusing modern style with traditional soul.

“ Our goal is to balance beauty and functionality. ”

Balance between all the different elements is fundamental as looking for the desired contrast.
Every detail is absolutely important. Every aspect in the space is related. Finding the right proportion between colors, textures, patterns and materials is indispensable to make projects successful.

Giuseppe Patanè holds a Master Degree in Architecture and Design from the “Politecnico di Milano” University, Milan, Italy.

“I have been lucky enough to directly attend classes and clinics from renowned alumni and professors like Mario Botta, Achille Castiglioni, Renzo Piano, Andrea Bruno, Gianfranco Ferre’, Vico Magistretti, Klaus Theo Brenner, Thomas Maldonado, Aldo Rossi, Campos Venuti and Franco Purini to name a few. Sharing their knowledge, skills and passion were a priceless experience”.

Daniele Patanè holds a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design from IDI (Interior Design Institute), Milan Italy.

Their works are seen in residential and commercial projects in US and Europe from Four Seasons Hotel (Beverly Hills), MGM (Las Vegas), Pierre Hotel (NYC) to private residences and high-end stores in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Milan, etc.”. Over the course of their career, they have designed and collaborated with various clients including Charlotte Moss, Peter Marino, Priscilla Presley, Sheila Vance, Milla Yovovic, Reginald Adams, Marc Appleton, Suzanne Tucker, Hendrix Allardyce, Melinda Ritz, Betsy Burnham Design, Suzanne Lovell, Michael Smith, Estee Stanley, Mark Sides, Mark Magidson, etc.

The firm offers a wide range of professional services, including interior design and architecture consulting, remodeling/renovation, installation supervision, antique and modern material specializing (stone, marble, wood, quartz, terracotta, ceramic, glass, iron), furnishing, architectural design, frescos and restoration, custom furniture design, upholstery, lighting, as-built service, and branding.